• This is by no means a complete list of shearers available to shear alpacas.
  • Shearers wishing to be listed here can do so by contacting the A.A.A.S.A. with their details here
  • Shearers being listed here is not an endorsement of their abilities or methods by the A.A.A., or the A.A.A. S.A. Region. It is simply a list of those who may be able to assist people requiring their animals to be shorn.
  • Use of any shearer listed here is done so on the understanding that neither the A.A.A., or the A.A.A.S.A. Region, will accept responsibility, or be held liable for any incidents involving those shearers.
  • Prior to using any shearer listed here, you should ensure that both you and they have adequate insurance to cover any accident, or other mishap, that may occur during or as a result of any work carried out by the shearer.

Telephone08 8528 6165

Telephone08 8524 9093

Telephone0427 650 262

Telephone08 8536 4819 or 0400 406 636

Telephone0403 972 609

No herd too big, or too small. Will travel where needed.

Telephone0438 755 329

Telephone0417 600 640

Telephone08 8572 3023