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Jodie Christian Memorial Challenge Trophy

Jodie Christian was a founder of alpaca breeding in South Australia, who died tragically in a freak motor vehicle accident. He was a well liked young man who worked towards his vision of a successful and dynamic fibre industry.

In 1997, the region set up a memorial challenge to encourage other breeders to carry on his work towards that vision.

2010 Report

After a close competition the Jodie Christian Memorial Challenge Trophy for 2010 was awarded to Softfoot Alpacas at the recent Mt Pleasant Show. Being the 14th year of this presentation it was the first time it had been presented to the same stud for 3 years in a row.

This trophy is the premier fleece award for the SA Region awarded annually to the stud with the highest score accumulated from the points awarded, (not placings) for their 2 best fleeces at each show throughout the year. The fleece does need to have come from an animal bred by that stud and a member of the SA Region. Thus the more shows you enter your fleeces the higher your accrued score will be, giving you the best opportunity of getting a placing or even winning the Trophy.
By entering fleeces at each show not only are you automatically eligible for the Challenge Trophy but the fleece scorecards will provide valuable information from the different judges throughout the year to guide you on the outcomes of this element of your breeding programme.

There is also a monetary award presented to our top 3 winners which could help with those fleece entry fees.

1sr Prize = $300.00
2nd Prize = $150.00
3rd Prize = $50.00

In summing up and announcing the winners this year I would like to make mention of the Glenovis Alpaca Stud who relatively new to fleece showing were placed not far behind our winners and in fourth place and Yacka Ridge Alpacas who consistently are amongst our top achievers.

Winning the trophy for the third consecutive year in a row special congratulations go to:

Sandy and Gary Retallick from Softfoot Alpacas With 640.5 points

In second place also renowned for their fleece successes but new to the podium were

Dee Finlay & Mark Short from Chaparral Alpacas with 625.5 points

In third place and always in contention for this award were

Jan & John Bentley from Mundawora Alpacas with 578.5 points

Celia Smith


1997 Hahndorf Hills Alpacas - 774.5 pts Yacka Ridge Alpacas - 696.5 pts Yarrami Alpacas - 559.5 pts
1998 Hildalwood Hof Alpacas - 692.5 pts Serendip Alpacas - 647 pts Hahndorf Hills Alpacas - 472.5 pts
1999 Hahndorf Hills Alpacas - 749.5 pts Hildalwood Hof Alpacas - 737.5 pts Kakaba Alpacas - 683 pts
2000 Shingleback Ridge Alpacas - 613.5 pts Kakaba Alpacas - 562 pts Hildalwood Hof Alpacas - 561.5 pts
2001 Leajay Alpacas - 562 pts Shingleback Ridge Alpacas - 541.5 pts Adsail Alpacas - 449 pts
2002 Leajay Alpacas - 529.5 pts Shingleback Ridge Alpacas - 452.5 pts Serendip Alpacas - 412 pts
2003 Farmridge Alpacas - 551.5 pts Leajay Alpacas - 550 pts Barrachel Alpacas - 544.5 pts
2004 Arcadian Alpacas - 640 pts Farmridge Alpacas - 579.5 pts Mundawora Alpacas - 571 pts
2005 Serendip Alpacas - 740.5 pts Mundawora Alpacas - 739 pts Yacka Ridge Alpacas - 650 pts
2006 Serendip Alpacas - 623 pts Mundawora Alpacas - 616 pts Shingleback Alpacas - 547.5 pts
2007 Mundawora Alpacas - 829 pts Yacka Ridge Alpacas - 686.5 pts Softfoot Alpacas - 643.5 pts
2008 Softfoot Alpacas 816.5 pts Mundawora Alpacas 796 pts Waradene Alpacas 755 pts
2009 Softfoot Alpacas 742.5 pts Ambersun Alpacas 738.5 pts Waradene Alpacas 731 pts
2010 Softfoot Alpacas 640.5 pts Chaparral Alpacas 625.5 pts Mundawora Alpacas 578.5 pts